A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is a top-down roguelike shooter. Every map is randomly generated! Your goal is to defeat the final boss, BomberGuy. However, first you must defeat his lackeys, Warlock and Laser-Eye. Don't underestimate these two underlings however, because they are still pretty strong! Make sure you gain some experience before trying to challenge BomberGuy! Throughout the island there will be some various monsters that will try to attack you. Warlock resides in the darkest depths of the dungeon located on this island. His symbol is a Star. Laser-Eye can be found in the deepest parts of the caverns found on this island. His symbol is an eye. Finally, make sure you are ready before you challenge BomberGuy, found at the very center of this island!

WASD to move
Left-Mouse to attack
Right-Mouse to use your special ability
"F" to interact with doors

Good luck!

Install instructions

Just unzip, open the folder you zipped to, and launch the executable to play!


Monster Island (PC) 14 MB
Monster Island (MAC) 16 MB